Friday, August 3, 2012


Chicago is an exciting and vibrant city and its architecture is a symbol of artistic achievements honored by the entire world.

Oak Street Beach along Lake Michigan with the 'Magnificent Mile' buildings in background

 Consul General of Italy Alessandro Motta was incredibly kind and provided me with a warm Italian welcome to the city of Chicago. A tour, a meeting with Prof. Damiano Rondelli of University of Illinois and a pasta lunch would soon follow

University of Illinois, Medical Center

With the Consul General by the front entrance of the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. Joe Di Maggio's statue is across the street. 

The Medical Center at the University of Illinois

Prof. Damiano Rondelli with Elisa Bonetti (exchange student) and Annie Oh (fellow) in the Hematology Research Department. Prof. Rondelli is driving cutting-edge research in the Blood and Marrow Transplant Program (


  1. Hi Luigi

    Chicago must have been a pleasant break for you. You look happy and different. Keep it up. You're doing great. J

  2. Sounds like a wonderful rest day in one of your favorite cities...the photos are very nice! Keep going, Luigi, we're all behind you!

  3. Luigi,
    what a milestone. Must feel good to be in Chicago!
    I'm glad you rested up a bit.

    I read that getting a deep-tissue massage can do wonders for athletes. You might want to consider that during your next break-day.

    Good luck!


  4. meritato riposo...ultima parola per oggi: la ricerca è l'anima della scienza:) dobbiamo tutti lavorare duramente per consentire ai validi professionisti votati a farlo di lavorare serenamente e svolgere la propria attività scientifica...anche in ITALIA:) Dio benedica il Dott. Mandelli e tutti coloro che come lui, con immane sforzo, riescono a conseguire obiettivi eccezionali, dando una speranza a tanta gente, condividendo le proprie esperienze con umiltà e rigore:)grazie, Luigi, per il gran lavoro di sensibilizzazione che stai facendo. Ti seguiamo in molti, davvero:) Carla

  5. Checking you out every couple of days- I am fascinated with your words about biking promoting courage but urban sprawl spurs fear. What a gift your are giving to everyone who joins you in the journey across the country- one many could never make. I remember the metallic taste in the mouth oh so well- even water like metal!!

  6. E ti sei pure fatto la barba per l'occasione.... M